Salina to Install Multiple Cameras

Salina City Commissioners Monday unanimously voted to authorize Salina Police to install 22 fixed auto license plate reader cameras at various locations and enter into a three year contract with Flock Safety at a cost of nearly $170,000.

Commissioners were told the automatic license plate reader cameras enhance law enforcement’s ability to detect violations of the law, recover stolen property, apprehend fugitives, and assist in criminal investigations.

This technology consists of high speed, computer-controlled camera systems that can be mounted to poles, streetlights, or attached to vehicles. The cameras automatically capture license plate numbers that come into public view of the camera. This information can then be used for law enforcement purposes, such as aiding in the investigation of crimes and the detection of wanted or missing persons. The cameras are also particularly effective in aiding in the detection and recovery of stolen vehicles. Data from a similar camera was instrumental in locating a suspect who shot a Salina Police Officer in 2020 and a homicide suspect who killed a Salina man in 2022.

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Photo via Flock Safety