Salina Thief Finds No Keys in Jeep

A would-be car thief is found hiding in the bushes and arrested.

Officers were called to Russell’s Restaurant, 649 Westport Blvd, on Wednesday night at 10:35pm after a man attacked another man in the parking lot and tried to steal his 1993 Jeep Cherokee.

Police say 44-year-old Todd Wands of Salina pushed 60-year-old Kelly Turner into the driver side door of his Jeep and then jumped in through the passenger side door of the vehicle.

Finding no keys in the ignition – Wands struck Turner on the left cheek with his hand and fled on foot.

A short time later Wands was found hiding in some shrubs in the 500 block of Graves Blvd and taken into custody.

He is now facing multiple charges that include battery, criminal damage to property.