Teen Charged with Attempted Murder of Parents

A Salina girl is facing serious charges after allegedly attempting to kill her parents.

Police Sergeant Kyle Tonniges tells KSAL News that a husband and wife called authorities after watching a chilling video of their own child on Saturday.

Police report the 13-year-old girl is seen on surveillance video from inside the home on Village Lane, sneaking into her parents bedroom holding a large butcher knife and a pillow as they slept around 2:30am.

Her father told detectives he awoke in a dream-like state and could not discern the danger he was in after the teen had placed the pillow on his face awaking him. She hid in the closet until he fell back asleep but tried again a short time later, awaking the man.

The teen allegedly admitted to investigators she wanted to kill both her mom and dad and is now facing two counts of attempted first degree murder.

She’s now in custody at the Juvenile Detention Center in Junction City.

The name of the teenage girl was not released.