Salina Tech Notes Milestone Enrollmen

Salina Area Technical College hit a major milestone this fall, with more than 1,000 students enrolled for the first time.

Kansas technical colleges, representing a crucial sector in the state’s higher education system, now have experienced a decade of consistent enrollment growth. Recent data released by the Kansas Board of Regents underscores the enduring commitment of these institutions to address workforce demands and facilitate community development.

Over the past ten years, Kansas technical colleges have consistently demonstrated their dedication to providing high-quality education and training opportunities to students. According to the KBOR enrollment report, our technical colleges have experienced an astounding overall FTE growth of 27.4%. Notably, headcount enrollment has skyrocketed by an impressive 70% during the same period, underscoring the pivotal role these institutions play in shaping the future workforce.

“Our journey of growth over the last decade has been nothing short of remarkable,” said Greg Nichols, President of Salina Tech. “Our institutions have remained steadfast in their commitment to addressing the ever-evolving needs of our communities and industries. The results speak for themselves, with a significant increase in students benefiting from our cutting-edge programs. A few years ago, we said we were one of the best kept secrets in Kansas but now the secret is out.”

The latest enrollment figures for the fall 2023 semester show Kansas technical colleges continuing their upward trajectory. Headcount enrollment has surged by 8.6% from the fall of 2022, while full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollment has increased by an impressive 8.7%. This growth reflects the enduring value that our technical colleges provide to students and communities.

Each of the seven institutions comprising Kansas technical colleges is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of its region. From aerospace programs at WSU Tech to Precision Agriculture at Northwest Kansas Technical College and emerging semiconductor production capacity at Flint Hills Technical College, our colleges remain at the forefront of preparing students for high-demand, high-wage, and critical need careers. All technical colleges provide health care education in support of that critical industry for all of Kansas.

Kansas technical colleges express their profound appreciation to their local communities, employers, the Kansas Board of Regents, and state government for their steadfast support over the past decade. This collaborative effort has driven progress and prosperity for Kansas, solidifying our commitment to excellence in education and workforce development.

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Read full details of the Kansas Board of Regents enrollment reportĀ HERE.