Salina Tech Breaks Ground on New Project

Salina Area Technical College has broken ground on its new Industrial Maintenance and Innovation building.

The 15,000 square foot modern facility will consist of an 80 seat auditorium, IMA shops and classrooms with 20-40 seats, along with administration and instructor offices. The facility will also include working facilities for welding, automotive machineries, nursing and more.

Mike McCall, chair of the board of trustees, principal owner and architect at “M Squared Architects” has helped Salina Tech is making the dream into a reality. McCall talked about creating the idea of building a new industrial manufacturing and automation facility two years ago.

McCall mentions the grants and support Salina Tech received were “a big help.” One of those supporters was family owned corporation, Exline. President Will Exline, believes Salina Tech can fill in areas Exline needs for their corporation.

“We are looking for employees to fill positions for high paying, well demanded jobs. Graduates from Salina Tech will have the skills needed and training. We believe in the mission and training Salina Tech provides,” says Exline.

Exline announced on a video for people to financially support Salina Tech’s new industrial maintenance and automation program building. Link to the video for more information

Salina Area Tech’s President, Greg Nichols is excited for the new facility. Nichols has high exceptions for the future and believes the campaign goal of six million dollars will be met to furnish the new facility.

“This campaign will expand the capacity to serve more students, after the record-breaking enrollment. We surpassed 1,000 students enrolled for the first time and our current facilities are full,” says Nichols.

There are currently 41 foundations and corporations in total who have donated to the facility. Dane G. Hansen foundation, Pestingers family, The Sunderland foundation, McCune foundation, Belin foundation are just a few of the many who have supported.

Nichols encourages others to support financially. For more information to give towards the new industrial maintenance and automation program go to