Salina Students Earn Journalism Awards

Journalism students from Salina Central and Salina South High School brought home multiple awards from a recent Kansas Scholastic Press Association event.

According to USD 305, in the Regional Contest, students from 86 different schools competed in 19 different categories in 12 different classifications organized by geography and school size.

From Salina Central High School, the following students won awards:

  • Casey Campbell, Academic Photography, Honorable Mention
  • Jera Richardson, Academic Photography, 3rd
  • Morgan Dolton, Advertising 3rd , Photo Illustration 2nd , Yearbook Copy Writing 3rd
  • Annie Hayes, News Writing, 3rd
  • Jack Shetlar, Sports Writing, 3rd
  • Sarah Brown, Student Life Photography, Honorable Mention
  • Gracie Truelove, Sports Photography 2nd, Photo Illustration 1st
  • Abbi Schroeder, Yearbook Layout HM, Yearbook Theme and Graphics HM, Cutline Writing HM
  • Caroline Holgerson, Yearbook Theme and Graphics HM
  • Kegan England, Editorial Cartoon 2nd
  • Ellie Cobb, Yearbook Theme and Graphics HM
  • Chloe Guillot, Editorial Writing 2nd, Advertising 3rd, Infographic 2nd, News Page Design 3rd
  • Emma Norris, Headline Writing 3rd
  • Olivia Johnson, Yearbook Layout 3rd, Yearbook theme and graphics HM
  • Sydney Koch, News Page Design 1st, Infographic HM

From Salina High School South, the following students won awards:

  • Logan Maxwell—second in Copy Editing.
  • Jade McDaniel—honorable mention in Copy Editing, third in Infographics;
  • Kasey Renshaw–First in Sports Writing, honorable mention in Yearbook Sports Writing, honorable mention in Advertising, honorable mention in Photo Illustration.
  • Hailey Chapman—Honorable Mention in Editorial Cartoon; Honorable Mention in Infographics.
  • Viviana Garcia—Second in Yearbook Copy Writing
  • Ben Cooper—Honorable Mention in Yearbook Copy Writing; third in Editorial Writing
  • Cheyenne Burns—first in News Writing; third in Photo Illustration; honorable mention in Feature Writing.
  • Elaine Stineman—honorable mention in Feature Writing; honorable mention in Academic Photography
  • Logan Wilson—honorable mention in Sports Photography.
  • Nathan Endreshak—second in Student Life Photography; honorable mention in Headline Writing
  • Caitlyn Rapp and Logan Maxwell—honorable mention in Yearbook Theme and Graphics

Six university campuses throughout Kansas hosted the contests Feb. 24 and 25. This year both high schools competed at the Wichita State University location.

“We consider the Regional Contests to be one of our most important annual events both for students to receive feedback on their work and also for students to compete with one another,” said Eric Thomas, KSPA executive director. “Teachers who organize and enter their students into the contest give their students a great opportunity to see how their work compares to the work of others.”

KSPA enlists the help of journalism teachers, professional journalists, university faculty members and other journalism experts to judge the entries.

Any student who earns an award in the Regional Contest advances to the KSPA State Contest on May 7 at the University of Kansas. Based on results from the State Contest, KSPA will determine the top school in 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A and 6A.


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