Salina Sales Tax Set to Increase

A sales tax increase that Salina voters approved last Spring will go into effect in October.

According to the City of Salina, on April 20, 2016 the Saline County Clerk’s Office mailed to Salina voters a sales tax election ballot. It asked voters to replace the City of Salina’s current 4/10th (.40%) cent capital improvement sales tax with a 3/4th of a cent (.75%) capital improvement sales tax for a term of 20 years. The sales tax increase was approved, so the rate will change from 8.4% to 8.75% on October 1, 2016. This investment will ensure that Salina can serve its residents and businesses well, while also preserving future viability in north central Kansas. The increase equals 35 cents per $100 spent, and nearly one-third of the revenue is estimated to come from outside of our community.
Priorities for the sales tax are:

  • Improving neighborhood streets and drainage;
  • Preserving a “stable” property tax rate;
  • Ensuring a quality park system;
  • Constructing and maintaining community improvements;
  • Funding equipment for maintenance;
  • Repayment of future bonds for large projects; and
  • Attracting quality jobs.

Businesses are reminded to update their point of sale systems so the increased rate is applied beginning October 1.