Salina Radio Stations Sold

A group of Salina radio stations are under new ownership.

Meridian Media, LLC this month completed the acquisition of, Newsradio 1150 KSAL (KSAL-AM), FM 104.9 (KSAL-FM), Y 93.7 ( KEYZ-FM) and The General  (KABI-AM) from Rocking M Media, LLC. Addisitonally, Meridian has LMA’d 92.7 The Zoo( KZUH-FM) and 95.5 The Rock (KVOB-FM) from Rocking M.

Meridian Media, LLC is a Kansas owned and operated company whose principal manager is Christopher Miller. Rocking M Media, LLC is a Kansas owned and operated company whose principal managers are Monte and Doris Miller.

“I am proud that our new company Meridian Media will be continuing the Kansas owned and operated management of these radio stations. My Great Grandfather A.Q. Miller, Sr. was a Salina resident, and became the treasurer of the Meridian Road Association that became the Pan-American Highway – U.S. Highway 81 and then U.S. I-135 as we know it today, this was the first highway to connect Canada to Panama.” Christopher Miller commented.

1942 meeting of the Salina Chamber of Commerce.

Christopher Miller went on to explain the name of the new company, “In 1911 there was a meeting in the old National Hotel in Salina, to form an association for planning a North-South road across Kansas. My Great Grandfather, A.Q. Miller, Sr., was at that meeting and was elected treasurer for what became known as the Meridian Road Association because the road closely followed the Prime Sixth Meridian. I thought naming our new company Meridian Media was a nice way to connect to the history of Salina and pay homage to those visionaries who had taken “paper roads” as they were called since they only existed on maps and help turn them into the Meridian Road that became US 81 Highway, then I-135 Interstate Highway.”

Bob Protzman General Manager for the radio stations added, “I am excited to be able to continue on with another Kansas owned and operated company, and continue to help grow our communities in Central Kansas that we serve with our radio stations, events, digital and social media. Our team is the best around and this is going to be a very smooth transition with the opportunity for us to launch some really exciting new products.”