Salina Police Promote Two

Salina Police Chief Brad Nelson has promoted two officers. According to the agency, the Chief held a promotional ceremony this week.

Officer David Villanueva was promoted to Sergeant and Lieutenant Bill Cox was promoted to Captain.  These two officers have a combined 48 years of law enforcement experience.  The promotions are a result of the pending retirement of Captain Chris Trocheck.

Sgt. Villanueva was hired in January 2013 after retiring from the Oxnard, California Police Department.  Sgt. Villanueva also retired from the United States Army after a career as a Military Policeman.

Sgt. Villanueva has held the following positions at the police department:

  • Field Training Officer (FTO)
  • Traffic Motor Officer
  • ARWEN Firearms Instructor
  • Hostage Negotiation Team member

Sgt. Villanueva will be assigned to the 3rd Shift as a Patrol Sergeant.

Captain Cox was hired by Chief John Woody in 1989.  During the past 27 years, Captain Cox has held a myriad of positions within the department:

  • Patrol Officer
  • Detective
  • K-9 Handler – 8 ½ years
  • Master Police Officer (MPO)
  • Field Training Officer (FTO)
  • Promoted to Lieutenant in 2007 and was a 3rd Shift supervisor for seven years.
  • Drug Task Force Commander (Present Position)

Captain Cox will be assigned as the Patrol Commander.