Salina Police Log 6-27-16

Police are investigating after a Salina man’s debit card was used without permission between May 27th and June 14th. Police say someone racked up over $1,000 in purchases at fast food restaurants, a grocery store and cash withdrawals on an account belonging to Del Larson.

A medical scooter was stolen from Salina’s Central Mall. Police say a Spitfire Med scooter was rented on Friday evening and not returned. Loss is $1,100.

Police report a residential burglary at 1416 Bachtold that occurred between Wednesday morning and Thursday morning. Over $1,400 in video game controllers, games and movies on DVD were stolen.

Vandalism was reported at a home located at 816 State. Police say sometime between June 20th and June 24th, $4,000 of damage was done inside after holes were punched in the walls and doors. Cabinets were torn off the walls as well.