Salina Pokemon Players: Play Responsibly

Salina Police are among departments around the country that are urging those people who are a part of the Pokemon Go craze to do it lawfully.

According to Police Captain Mike Sweeney, there has been an issue with people out in parks past curfew. He says that multiple citations have been written.

Curfews in Salina Parks vary, from generally 11PM – 6AM or from midnight – 6AM. Each park has its curfew hours clearly posted.

Sweeney also cautions against trespassing onto private property.

One Salina area organization is embracing the craze. Rolling Hills Zoo is welcoming Pokemon players. The zoo tells KSAL News that there are 10 characters scattered throughout the zoo for players to catch.

Pokemon Go is breaking records by becoming the biggest mobile game in U.S. history. Survey Monkey reports the game had attracted almost 21 million users as of Tuesday in the United States. Previous record holders were Draw Something with 16 million users and Candy Crush with about 20 million.