Salina Organizations Get Leadership Grants

The Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) has selected 87 organizations across Kansas, including four from Salina, as 2023 Leadership Transformation Grant partners. Grants will help the partner organizations create a culture that embraces change, tackles problems and seizes opportunities.

“The Leadership Transformation Grants are our primary vehicle for sharing the gift of KLC’s core grant from the Kansas Health Foundation (KHF). KLC and KHF partner this way to build the leadership and civic engagement capacity of organizations across the state. We’re proud to see this program grow every year since we started offering these grants nine years ago,” said Julia Fabris McBride, interim president and CEO of the Kansas Leadership Center.

According to the organization, the 2023 Leadership Transformation Grant partners from Salina are:

  • Kansas State University Salina Aerospace and Technology Campus
  • Child Advocacy and Parenting Services
  • Child Care Aware of Kansas
  • Saint Francis Ministries

Leadership Transformation Grants provide the opportunity for participants to learn, practice and engage with the KLC Framework. The program also utilizes KLC’s new book, When Everyone Leads, to be released by best-selling business publisher Bard Press on January 31, 2023.

“Leadership isn’t about authority and position, it’s an activity where small actions are taken in moments of opportunity,” said Kaye Monk-Morgan, KLC’s chief impact officer and teacher. “When everyone leads, we make progress on our most important challenges. That’s what the Leadership Transformation Grants are all about – engaging people across the state to solve daunting challenges in their communities, organizations and professional lives.”

Organizations who receive a Leadership Transformation Grant will establish a core team of three to six individuals to take on the responsibilities of the grant. Organizations chosen will have one year to participate in KLC’s dynamic program experiences and utilize KLC resources and consultation.

“The Leadership Transformation Grants provide access to programs on the KLC Path, a three-step sequence which teaches that leadership is an activity—not a position—and that anyone within an organization can exercise leadership effectively. These programs offer a framework by which organizations can share a common language and skills to approach their challenges and empower employees to mobilize others to create progress in their organization and communities,” said Katy Weidner, KLC program manager.

Applications for Leadership Transformation Grants are accepted between July and September each year. See the complete list of 2023 partners.