Salina MIA Pilot to be Honored

Salina Mayor Mike Hoppock will sign a proclamation Monday honoring a local man who was shot down 53 years ago. Dennis Pugh of Salina was shot down during the Vietnam War and is still listed as Missing in Action.

Pugh was flying on a mission over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos on March 19th, 1970, when his aircraft was shot down. He and his pilot ejected safely and contact was made with both crew members on the ground. Search efforts were terminated due to darkness and intense enemy activity in the area.

When rescue efforts resumed at first light, Pugh reported being surrounded by enemy. Numerous rescue attempts were repulsed by enemy fire. Eventually, radio contact with Pugh was lost. The pilot of the aircraft was rescued, but Pugh could not be located. There has been no further word of Dennis Pugh.

Commander of the Sons of the American Legion Squadron 62 Jason Mccintire will read the proclamation honoring Pugh, which the Mayor will then sign.