Salina Man Severely Injured under Pickup Truck

A 43-year old Salina man was severely injured on June 11th, after falling underneath a 2500 white Dodge pickup.

According to Undersheriff Brent Melander, the 43-year old was riding along with a 36-year old Salina male, that was driving his 2500 Dodge pickup on the country roads of Lightville and Armstrong.

At around 8:30 pm, the two Salina men were headed towards Culver, and the 36-year old male that was driving lost their direction. The driver tried to make a 3-point turn around, which caused the 2500 Dodge pickup to get stuck in a ditch.

A deputy arrived at the scene to call a tow truck, but the the two Salina men declined the service stating, “they had a friend already on the way to bring them out.”

A 53-year old Salina male showed up, assisting the two men with his 1500 Dodge pickup, hooking the stuck 2500 Dodge pickup with a towstrap.

The 43-year old passenger was outside, watching the process of getting the 2500 Dodge pickup out of the ditch. Meanwhile, the 2500 Dodge pickup was not getting out.

The driver of the 1500 Dodge pickup decided to stop getting the 2500 Dodge pickup out. However, the 43-year old was too close to the 2500 Dodge pickup that was getting out, and fell down into the ditch, causing him to get stuck underneath the 2500 Dodge pickup.

The two Salina men (53) and (36), did not know the 43-year old was stuck after the deputy advised them that he was underneath the 2500 Dodge pickup.

The 43-year old, eventually climbed out of the 2500 Dodge pickup and suffered major injuries to the lower back, shoulder and spine. He was transported to Salina Regional, and will be needing surgery to the spine.

Courtesy of the Saline County Sheriff’s Office.