Salina Man Lands Plane in Field

A Salina man was able to walk away after a plane he was piloting ended up nose to the ground, in a field, after a piece of his door fell off while he was airborne.

According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, 33-year-old Justin Coletti of Salina was piloting a 1941 Piper fixed wing aircraft.

Coletti lost a piece of his door off  the plane, was circling around to locate, and  landed in a field. He aborted the takeoff because there was not enough distance for a safe takeoff and landed again. While the plane was rolling, he had a hard brake when coming to a stop, nosed into the ground, and put a slight dent in the propeller blades.

The agency says Coletti had no apparent injuries.

The incident happened Saturday morning at 11:45 in McPherson County, 500 yards East of 25th Ave and Arapaho Rd, Southeast of Moundridge.

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Image via Aviation Safety Network