Salina Man Facing DUI and Weapons Charge

An intoxicated man was tased by authorities in his front yard after allegedly waving a loaded rifle in the parking lot of a Salina bar.

Police Sergeant Kyle Tonniges tells KSAL News that 38-year-old Tharen L. Sparke was taken into custody Thursday night after tension filled moments at Hank’s Tavern at 116 S. Broadway.

Police say around 10pm Thursday, Sparke was acting disruptive inside the bar and was told to leave. He reportedly became angry, grabbed a loaded AR-15 out of his Jeep Cherokee, displayed it in the parking lot – then drove away.

A patron called cops with the license plate which allowed authorities to quickly find him as he drove home in the 200 block of E. Kirwin.

A Kansas Highway Patrol trooper tased Sparke after he reportedly did not follow commands by officers. Authorities found the rifle in the Jeep, loaded with a 30-round magazine.

He’s now facing multiple charges that could include aggravated assault, DUI, operating a car without a required ignition interlock device and resisting arrest.