Salina Man Arrested for committing a Misdemeanor at McDonalds.

A 41-year-old Salina man was taken into custody after inappropriately touching a 20-year-old female cashier at a McDonalds located at 2236 Planet Ave Thursday night.

According to captain David Villanueva, Around 7:14pm Thursday night 41-year-old Aaron Werner allegedly began to harass a 20-year-old female McDonalds cashier by touching her without consent and grabbing her hand to kiss it. Staff chased him out of the store as they called the police. Werner began to respond belligerently and disruptive before leaving the store.

Police found Warner outside, across the street from the McDonalds. Officers placed him under arrest and found a vape pen containing THC. Werner was charged for battery, disorderly conduct, marijuana possession and paraphernalia.