Salina Man Arrested after Violent Domestic Incident

A Salina woman escapes from her attacker and calls for help from a neighbor’s home.

According to Police Sergeant Kyle Tonniges, officers responded to the 1300 block of Winona on Friday afternoon after the 25-year-old victim called 911.

Police say around 4:45pm the woman and a male acquaintance were involved in an argument that turned violent. Authorities arrested 33-year-old Duc M. Ho of Salina in connection to the case. Police report the victim suffered serious injuries when she was struck multiple times and was allegedly strangled by Ho.

At one point he also pushed her head into a mirror, causing it to break. The victim attempted to escape multiple times, only to be pulled back inside the home.

During the incident, Ho also allegedly made comments that he was going to kill the victim.

He’s now facing multiple charges that could include attempted 2nd degree homicide, Aggravated Kidnapping, Aggravated Battery, Criminal Restraint, and Possession of Marijuana.