Salina Fans Unscathed at Rally Shooting

What started out as a celebration of back to back Super Bowl wins in Kansas City Wednesday ended in tragedy, with multiple people being shot as they were leaving the parade and rally.

At an evening media conference, Kansas City Police said there were 22 people wounded, including at least one fatally. A motive was not yet clear, but three people were being detained, including a suspect who had been tackled and detained by citizens.

Among those at the days events were a group of about 70 fans from the Salina area, who traveled to the parade and rally with Meridian Media staffers Hannah Holt and Jackson Schneider via a couple of busses.

No one in the Salina group was injured, though a couple of them were in the immediate area of where the shots were fired. Because music from the stage was so loud they did not hear any gunshots, but they did encounter a victim being rendered aid, and the law enforcement presence as it was converging on the scene.

Congestion then slowed the exit of many fans who were trying to leave the area, including the Salina group, who finally got on the road by around 5:00.