Salina Family Benefits From “Comeback Scholarship”

Fort Hays State University prides itself on meeting the workforce needs of northwest Kansas and continually searches for ways to accomplish this goal.


Accordingly, the university created the Dane G. Hansen Tiger Comeback Scholarship, made possible with a generous grant awarded by the Dane G. Hansen Foundation.


This initiative was designed to welcome back former FHSU students who were close to completing their degree but for various reasons stopped before finalizing degree requirements. Available to both online and on-campus students, this scholarship provides financial assistance for those who are close to completing their degree program.


Are you a former Fort Hays State student who ended your college education just short of getting a degree? Maybe it was because of family responsibilities? Or job demands? Or maybe because bills needed to get paid and there was nothing left to pay tuition?


Whatever the case, there is a critical need for professionals with a college degree in northwest Kansas. You could be the answer to this dilemma and “cross the finish line” to that once-elusive degree.


One such student, Christy Rothchild from Salina, was working toward a Bachelor of Science in nursing online. Rothchild learned she was pregnant with twins and had too many credit hours left to complete her degree the semester her babies were due. So she decided to put school on hold – a difficult, but wise, decision since her twins came early. She then had to assume the role of a busy mother for Aurora and Twila.


A few years later, the Tiger Comeback Scholarship caught Rothchild’s eye in the FHSU scholarship listing, and she decided she would give it a try.


Looking back on her experience, Rothchild noted, “Returning to Fort Hays State to finish was the best decision I ever made. I wish I had done it sooner.”


Crediting the leadership of Dr. Jenny Manry, professor and chair of the Department of Nursing, Rothchild successfully completed the required courses online, appreciating Manry’s tireless work to support students and make grants available for them.


Upon earning her bachelor’s degree in 2017, Rothchild entered directly into the online BSN to DNP (Bachelor of Science in Nursing to Doctor of Nursing Practice) program at Fort Hays State.


She is on track to graduate with her BSN to DNP in May 2022, and that will ultimately allow her to provide primary care across the life span.


After earning her undergraduate degree, Rothchild worked in a variety of leadership roles in acute care, then moved into her current work for Craig Homecare, doing pediatric home health care while she finishes graduate school.


She credits the Tiger Comeback Scholarship for helping her continue her education while raising a family, which now includes three daughters. Baby Lyra joined the Rothchild family this past May.


“I have that scholarship to thank for being able to finish at all and set my career path on becoming a nurse practitioner,” Rothchild said. “It helped us so much.”


Rothchild said she would encourage other students who might be considering returning to FHSU after some time away to check out the Dane G. Hansen Tiger Comeback Scholarship.


“This is the perfect time to step back and evaluate your options for both your education and career,” Rothchild said. “The last couple of years have taught us what is really important. The extra time with family is worth ‘leveling up’ your career to accommodate what really matters.”


If interested, or if you know someone in this situation who should be informed, check the requirements for eligibility at If you meet the criteria, apply today.


For more information on the Tiger Comeback Scholarship, contact Dr. Greg Atkins with FHSU Online either by email at [email protected] or phone at 785-628-4291.