Salina Face to Face Time

“Plug In Salina,” began as a conversation between two women in a leadership class as they developed a project, “Several members of our group were new to the area and over time didn’t feel connected to the community,” said Grace Peterson, Visual Arts Coordinator with the Smoky Hill River Festival.

Julee Cobb grew up in Bennington but only recently moved back to the area to work at Kansas State Polytechnic, “I knew the Salina ten years ago but Salina is changing so much,” Cobb said.

Both were searching for a way to launch an event that would be one-stop shopping for people to plug into groups around Salina.

Plug In Salina is born.

Tuesday evening, sixty local organizations will fill the Bicentennial Center with booths and members to connect  – or reconnect with the community.

According to Cobb, visitors will be able to walk around the booths, talk with representatives and find what they are interested in or passionate about joining.

Groups that include health and wellness teams, animal advocacy groups, educational groups, entertainment organizations and more will all be there.

Plug In Salina is Tuesday, March 8th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.