Salina Cracking Down On Yard Parking

Salina Police have started issuing warnings for vehicles that are parked in front yards on unimproved surfaces. The warnings ask that the vehicle be moved and parked legally.

According to the City of Salina, the Standard Traffic Ordinance Chapter 38, Article 1, Section 89(13) & 85(14) does not allow parking of vehicles within the ‘yard’. It prohibits parking in front yard reading in part:

“Fully or partially within in any yard except upon
parking area or enclosed area in compliance with the Salina Zoning Code.”

The ordinance is available on the City of Salina website, at, click on City Code.

Between now and May 1st the notices will be a warning only, with the goal of educating citizens, obtaining voluntary compliance and preventing future violations. Effective May 1st, citations may be issued in the form of a ticket with fines and court costs.