Salina Couple Scammed out of $11,000

A couple from Salina lost $11,000 after a computer scammer contacted them around 8:00 Wednesday morning.

Salina Police Captian Paul Forrester told KSAL: The Erker’s (66 and 65) noticed a pop-up window on their computer. The pop-up said the computer was compromised and they needed to contact the phone number provided immediately. Someone claiming to be a Microsoft employee answered the phone and informed Mr. Erker there was a $20,000 debt on his Captial One card. The false employee said if they were to purchase gift cards and call back, the debt would be taken care of. Mr. Erker purchased gift cards from various locations and gave the card information to the false employee.┬áThe total loss is $11,000.

According to Forrester, the couple realized it was a scam when they contacted Capital One and they said they had no records of there being a $20,000 debt on their account.