Salina Couple Scammed in Puppy Purchase

A Salina couple discovered they had been scammed when the dog they thought they purchased online never landed at the airport.

Salina Police Captain Mike Sweeney tells KSAL News that a couple who are in their 60’s began searching for a pet on the internet and landed on a couple of weeks ago.

They found a female Shih Tzu named Sophie listed at $500 and thought that was a low price but requested more information about the puppy.

That led to conversations with a man calling himself Henry Anderson, which led to them wiring $500 to Texas to buy the dog.

Anderson told the husband and wife that Sophie would be flown from Texas to Denver and then to Salina on August 26.

On the 26th, the couple was contacted by a man with a middle eastern accent calling himself Adam Carl with Pets Express Transport Service – telling them the dog would not be put on the plane unless they paid for her flight insurance.

As advised the couple sent $1,200 to ensure her passage.

They contacted police after Sophie never landed at Salina Regional Airport.

Total loss is $1,700.