Salina Community Unity Cookout Planned

As tensions between police and communities remain high, some individuals have decided to show their support for men and women in blue by bringing baked goods into police stations, buying meals for cops and writing thank you cards.

A sign supporting local law enforcement appeared Thursday morning in front of the the Saline County Criminal Justice Center.

A professionally made vinyl banner reading “God Bless Our Law Enforcement” was erected in a grassy area near the entrance to the Saline County Sheriff’s Office and the Salina Police Department. The banner also has both a Salina Police and Saline County Sheriff badge on it.

In an effort to unify the local community a community unity cookout is planned in Salina Saturday. It will begin at 4:00 in Oakdale Park. There will be free hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, and drinks. There will also be games and prizes. The entire community is invited to the event.

Organizers say the goal is to unify Salina. “Without a sense of caring there can be no sense of community”.


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