Salina Airport Shuttle Service Adapting to New Flights

OCCK is continuing to provide a transportation option for people using the Salina Regional Airport.  The OCCK shuttle provides passengers with a safe and cost effective alternative to other options.  The Salina Airport flight schedule will update February 11th to include more flights.

According to OCCK, a daily weekday shuttle service is available for passengers disembarking the mid-morning flight from Chicago.  That flight is scheduled to arrive at between 11:03 – 11:20 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week.  The OCCK Airport Shuttle Bus will be waiting at the Airport Terminal and will deliver passengers to destinations with the Salina city limits.  No reservations are necessary for this shuttle.  Passengers merely inform the driver of their destination.  The cost to passengers for this shuttle will be $2.00.  Exact fares will be needed as drivers are not able to make change.

Passengers can call to make transportation for other flights as well.  To book reservations for transportation for any other flight, passengers would need to call OCCK Transportation at 785.826.1583, by 4 p.m. the prior day, to schedule a pick up location and time.  Reservations may be made up to two weeks in advance.  The cost to passengers for the transportation during OCCK’s business hours will be $2.00.  After hours service will be conducted with a taxi and will cost $5.00 for a one way ride to the Airport.

“We’re very excited to continue this service,” said Michelle Griffin, Mobility Manager at OCCK. “The pandemic changed operations for a while, but with a new airport schedule, we can serve Salina and the airport in this way.  We continue to look for new transportation partnerships that help us to increase accessibility options for transit in our area.”

OCCK, Inc. provides services in north central Kansas to anyone with any type of long or short-term disability, starting as early as birth and following people through their whole lives.  OCCK provides an array of supports for success at home and in the community, including independent living skills and supports, employment and career training, Alzheimer’s supports, autism services, assistive technology, children’s services, transportation, specialized therapies, and home health care.

OCCK is committed to providing transportation services to the general public, seniors, and persons with disabilities, through a variety of programs, including a fixed route service in Salina, CityGo, a regional paratransit service that serves fourteen counties, non emergency medical transportation for people with Medicaid, as well as non emergency medical transportation for clients of Salina Regional Health Center, a regional fixed route service, 81 Connection, KANcycle – the regional bike sharing program, City of Abilene public transportation and the newest program, KanConnect.