Saints Cruise by Cuttaz

The Salina Saints gave the Omaha Cuttaz an unfriendly welcome to the Tony’s Event Center.  The Saints seem to have figured out their press, at least to the frustration of the Cuttaz head coach.  2 minutes into the game; the Saints were up 12 – 0 which prompted the Omaha coach to call time out.  If you are wondering if this was prelude of things to come… you are right.  Actually, a few minutes later the coach called another time out, as the Saints opened up a 22 point lead in the first quarter 41-19.

Well if that wasn’t bad enough; the Saints ended the half 87-41.  Needlessly to say, the starters didn’t see much time in the second half.  The 2nd half didn’t see much of the starters, and celebrity player Levi McMillian even saw some action.  Levi took a couple of jumpers but was unable to connect on them. The Saints cruised to a 149-95 win.

The Saints were lead in scoring by Marquez Patterson with 26, followed by Koury Clayton with 23.  The Saints will be in action again next Saturday at 7:00 PM against the Cuttaz.  This will be the last home game of the regular season for the Saints, so come out if you have not had the chance and watch the fast paced game of the Salina Saints and cheer on 6 of Salinas very own.

Even though the Saints are undefeated; if the season were to end today, the Saints would travel to Texas to play in the first round of the Playoffs.  You support is needed and appreciated.  God Bless, and we hope to see you at the last game of the season, Saturday at 7:00 PM.