Safe Independence Day

With an eye on keeping the community safe, Salina Fire and Salina Police are reminding the public to be careful when handling fireworks this holiday weekend.

“Be aware that these are mass manufactured. The one you have in this hand may be a dud, the one you light off the next event may be a little bit more powerful,” said Salina Fire Marshal Roger Williams.

“Be mindful it’s always best to light that firework on the ground if you can.”

Last year city officials also stepped up their efforts to remind citizens about the ordinances in place for shooting fireworks in Salina – and saw a reduction in complaint calls and citations issued.

“It’s hard to have a zero tolerance,” said Police Chief Brad Nelson.

“Basically we’re saying zero tolerance with common sense.”

Chief Nelson told listeners during the KSAL Morning News Wednesday that being self regulated is part of being a good neighbor. “Clearly after 11pm most folks are in bed and you don’t have to be shooting after 11pm and you don’t need to be shooting at 7am,” Chief Nelson said.

Since the fireworks ban was rescinded in 2009, fireworks can be legally discharged in the city only on July 3rd and July 4th from 8am and 11pm.

“Two days, if you want to lose your mind – do so during those two days,” Chief Nelson said.

Last year Salina Police fielded 201 complaint calls about fireworks being discharged outside of legal hours and handed out 28 citations.