S.T.A.R. Students Recognized

Salina South held its annual S.T.A.R. Night (South Theatre Award Recognition) on May 1st. S.T.A.R. Night is a  red carpet-type formal event to recognize theatre and drama students.

According to the school, the following students received awards.

Best Actress –  Kaydence Dickson

Best Actor –  Aidan Heusman

Best Supporting Actress –  Emily Streeter, Mia White

Best Supporting Actor –  Evan Dickson, Thomas Moyer

Best “A Bit More” Part –  Kirsten Lamia

Best Bit Part – The ‘Gossips’ from Sense & Sensibility

David L. Webber Technical Theatre Award – Shelby Stolzenburg, Malina Szyndlar, Cameron Preble

The Jellybean Award (Theatre of Kindness) – Ethen Lainer, Shelby Stolzenburg, Yesenia Torres

Marc Malone Musical Theatre Award – Mia Dennett, Thomas Moyer

Throughout the school year, Drama Club members vote on T.O.M. winners (Thespian Of the Month).  This year, the following students have won T.O.M. awards:

August – Reese Kimmi, Yesenia Torres

September – Ethen Lainer, Malina Szyndlar

October –  Mia Dennett, Shelby Stolzenburg

November –  Aubrey Powell, Jackie Fischer, Emily Streeter

December –  Kaydence Dickson, Megan Graff

January –  Aidan Heusman, Cameron Preble

February –  Kara Davis, Evan Dickson, Victoria Molina

March –  Rhett Corbett, Thomas Moyer

April –  Destiny Hamilton, Elyza Searcy



Co-Presidents – Mia Dennett, Kaydence Dickson

Co-Vice-Presidents – Shelby Stolzenburg, Yesenia Torres

Officer Board:

Evan Dickson, Ethen Lainer, Victoria Molina, Malina Szyndlar, Aidan Heusman, Aubrey Powell, Emily Streeter, Reese Kimmi, Megan Graff, Destiny Hamilton, and Mia White.

South High School students were also chosen to serve on the Kansas Thespian State Board – a select group of students who help organize the State Conference.  South High’s representatives for the 2022 conference were Mia Dennett & Malina Szyndlar.