Ryan Lochte: What now?

When I was in grade school and Junior High I remember being told very vividly that when the class was taken on a field trip that we were to be on our best behavior because “you are representing your school”.  It may be unfair, but if any ONE of us would misbehave, it would reflect poorly on the whole school.  It meant something to me and the other kids in the class that we wanted people to think highly of our school.

So, now let us consider Olympic swimmer Ryan Locthe.  In the pool he was a fine representative for the USA.  Outside of it—-not so much.

If you care, you know the story by now, so I won’t re-hash it here.  The question is “What now?”

Although I know it will never happen, I say ship him back to Brazil and let him stand trial for his alleged crimes.

Harsh?  You bet, but we are not talking about a kid here.  Ryan Lochte is a 32 year old grown man.  A man who apparently doesn’t understand that your actions have consequences.  Well, it’s about time he learns that lesson.  I really believe in the end he would be better for it.