Run, Hide, Fight

Tragic massacres in San Bernardino and Paris is prompting the law enforcement community to stay vigilant and prepared for the possibility of an active shooter incident anytime, anywhere.

Salina Police Officer Shawn Moreland joined in on the KSAL Morning News Monday with a look at what individuals can do if you are caught in the crossfire,

“Run is the first thing,” Moreland said.

“The Department of Homeland Security has a very basic mantra which is: Run, Hide, Fight.”

“What we want people to do is much like what a wild animal would do, if something startles them they’re moving and they’re getting out,” he said.

Moreland added, “You increase your odds of survivability by simply moving and leaving.”

Kansas concealed carry laws add a new layer in this a chaotic scenario, the possibility of an armed defender in the mix. Moreland tells KSAL News that as he travels and speaks to groups about self defense, he explains that gun owners have an even bigger responsibility.

“Concealed carry is designed and intended for self defense.”

Moreland adds if a person goes on the hunt for the suspect during a gun battle, they could put themselves in greater danger.

“If you go on the hunt you might get shot by an officer.”

Moreland told listeners he invites more questions on staying safe and is always willing to visit with groups on the subject.

“In the beginning, honestly we uesd to think of this as what our response was. Whenever I was asked to put something togheter I kind of realized there was this giant gap between what the public sees and what we see,” he said.

“Now we’re trying to train poeople and give them more ideas.”

Officer Shawn Moreland can be reached at the Salina Police Department at 785-826-7210.