Rubio Jokes He’s Competing With Wichita State Basketball

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) -Marco Rubio is taking quite a risk campaigning in Kansas a day ahead of the state’s Republican presidential caucus: He’s competing alongside Wichita State basketball.

The Florida senator took the stage at a Wichita airport hangar Friday with about three minutes remaining in a tight conference tournament game between the local favorite Shockers and Loyola University of Chicago.

More than a few Rubio loyalists directed their attention at the television screens around the venue instead of the would-be leader of the free world.

Rubio acknowledged the timing, and tried to capitalize, telling the crowd that all his opponents were “cheering for Loyola.” He said they “all told me at the debate last night, ‘I hope Wichita State loses.”‘

He laughed and added, “Nice try. I know.”

Trailing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in delegates, Rubio sought inspiration from the Shockers. He noted “they were down six just a few minutes ago,” before taking the lead about the time the rally started.

Wichita St. won 66-58.