KANSAS CITY, Mo.—Our site evaluation process is moving thoughtfully and directly, including a regular cadence of focused meetings with respected and designated negotiators with both counties in discussions on our next lease.

We’ve been encouraged by the engagement of leaders in Jackson County and Clay County, with recent meetings furthering our progress in a meaningful way. Leaders in both counties know a critical piece of the evaluation process will be negotiated lease terms so that the Royals, our future partner, and most importantly the voters can know what to expect. With the framework of our current lease and willing partners on all sides, we are optimistic that the process will result in a win-win for the Royals and our next home.

Although we will not have a site selected by the end of this month, we are more confident than ever that a world-class ballpark and surrounding district for entertainment, retail and housing will build on our region’s momentum, serve our citizens well, and further establish Kansas City as a top tier destination for tourists.

Leaders in both Jackson County and Clay County know that we and the Chiefs need clarity on our stadium plans in time for the public to be fully informed for a vote in April 2024. We take our responsibilities very seriously to act in the best interests of both the Royals and our region, and we will continue our work to make sure this project is done right.

For more information, please contact Sam Mellinger ([email protected]).