KANSAS CITY, Mo.—The Kansas City Royals announced today their minor league coordinators and support staff for the 2023 season.

Three longtime members of the organization will return in 2023, including Rafael Belliard (Special Assistant to the General Manager), Chino Cadahia (Special Assistant to the General Manager, Player Development) and Harry Spilman (Special Assistant, Player Development).

Paul Gibson (Senior Director, Pitching Performance) returns for his 13th year with Kansas City and 4th in his current role, while Drew Saylor was promoted to Director of Hitting Performance in his 4th season with Kansas City. Will Simon will serve his 17th season with the club, and 1st the Director of Arizona Operations. Justin Hahn enters his 11th year with the Royals and his 2nd as the Director of Medical Services/Physical Therapy. Erika Wincheski will serve as the Director of Sports Nutrition for the second year in a row, 6th with the club. Nate Adcock has been promoted to Assistant Director of Pitching Performance/Scouting after re-joining Kansas City in 2020 as a Pro Scout.

The Royals will have nine coordinators on the minor league staff in 2023. Scott Thorman transitions to Minor League Field Coordinator after spending last season as the Manager of Kansas City’s Triple-A affiliate in Omaha, Neb. Justin Kemp will serve his 2nd consecutive season as the Minor League Medical Coordinator in his 10th season with the organization. Jarett Abell enters his 4th season as the Royals Strength & Conditioning/Rehab Coordinator and his 10th with the Royals. J.C. Boscan will return for his 7th season as the Catching Coordinator. Brittany Bozzini enters her 1st year as the Performance Science Coordinator after spending 2021 as the Sports Performance Assistant. Sebastián Cambó is in his 2nd season as the Behavioral Science Coordinator. Omar Ramírez enters his 15th season with Kansas City and 1st as the Arizona Field Coordinator. Victor Baez will return for his 16th season in the Royals organization as the Dominican Academy Field Coordinator. Brendan Sexton is serving his 3rd season with the Royals, and his 1st as Minor League Video Coordinator.

Paul Menhart joins the organization as a Pitching Advisor after spending 15 seasons with the Washington Nationals organization, most recently as their Major League Pitching Coach from 2019-20. Nic Jackson starts his 2nd season as the Assistant Hitting Coordinator, and Abraham Núñez will begin his 12th season with Kansas City and his 1st as the Assistant Hitting Coordinator/Latin America. Phil Falco is in his 7th season with the Royals and 4th as Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coordinator. Tony Medina returns for his 12th season as the Minor League/Latin America Medical Assistant Coordinator and Joey Manana will serve his 1st season as the Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coordinator/Latin America, his 5th season with the club.

Seven others will round out the minor league support staff. Justin Friedman will begin his 2nd season with the Royals, and his 1st as the Assistant Manager of Pitching. Jorge Guzman is in his 5th season with the Royals and 2nd as the Arizona Complex Assistant/Life Skills Coach. Fabio Herrera is in his 9th season with the organization and 6th as the Manager of International Operations. Monica Ramirez will begin her 8th season as the Education/ESL & Latin American Initiatives Coordinator. Massiel Rodriguez enters her 6th season as the Assistant to Dominican Operations and Susana Richardson enters her 6th season as the Dominican Academy Administrative Assistant. Logan Gudde returns for his 2nd season as the Physical Therapist.