Rovers Will Rave at Festival

After a three year hiatus – the “Roving Ring” is back at the Smoky Hill River Festival giving fans a set place to watch roving performers roll in and do their shtick.

Festival Director Brad Anderson says eleven acts have been given the nomadic task of traveling around Oakdale Park to entertain patrons where they encounter them. This year, Festival fans can also hang out near the Roving Ring and watch these unique acts come to a designated area to perform.


“The roving ring hasn’t been out for about three years and we decided to install it this year to give some of our many roving entertainers a chance to perform in a protected and populated area,” he said.

Patrons will catch roving acts like Magic Bubbles and Dennis Porter’s Happy Faces


The ring, which will host acts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, is close to the face painting station near Artyopolis.