Robot Helps Cops Shoot, Stay Safe

Because the bad guys don’t always stand still, Salina Police officers now have another tool to practice their marksmanship.

Officers recently began training with a moving target at SPD’s shooting range.

“It’s primary purpose is to have a moving platform to shoot at to improve our shooting ability,” said Chief of Police Brad Nelson.

“You can also put a camera on it which can be very helpful in SWAT operations.”

Chief Nelson joined in on the KSAL Morning News Thursday with a look at the new 4-wheeled robot from Moto Shot Moving Target Systems. A hand held remote controller is used to direct the path and speed of the unit which can handle various terrain challenges.

Nelson added that in addition to being a tool to help simulate conditions to diagnose shoot – no shoot situations, it also can be used in the field with a camera to help keep officers safe.

“You don’t have to put an officer in harms way because you can just move this robot up there and it can take a look in windows. It can look in the back of cars and such and again the officer won’t be in danger,” he said.

The mannequin-like character, made of a thin plastic is attached to a a piece of 2×4 lumber during simulations and target practice.

A steel drum can also be placed on the beam for practice on a smaller moving target that rings when it’s hit by a round.

According to Chief Nelson, the $12,226 moving target system was funded through a grant under the auspice of the Greater Salina Community Foundation as a gift to the Salina Police Department Excellence Fund which was founded in July of 2016.