Robbery, Battery in Salina Walmart

A series of events took place in the Salina Walmart Supercenter, June 8th.

Police Captain James Feldman tells KSAL, at around 8:35 pm, 37-year old Jeremiah Loneelk, placed various items in a re-usable shopping bag, and proceeded to leave without paying.

A male Walmart employee stopped Loneelk, before getting their foot stomped by him. A female customer shopping noticed the altercation and went over to help the employee. Loneelk then proceeded to take away the items off of the customer’s hand, and stomped on them.

Loneelk then left the store with the items he stole, and officers located him in the area of Virginia and Carriage Ct.

Officers arrested Loneelk, and placed charges of:

  • Battery
  • Robbery
  • Criminal damage to property
  • Theft