Road Rage Arrest after Shots Fired

A Salina man was arrested Sunday after admitting to police he fired a handgun at another driver he claimed cut him off in traffic.

Police Captain Jim Feldman tells KSAL News that officers took 22-year-old Anthony Nava into custody after listening to the victim’s story and tracking down the 9mm Glock that was tossed in a ditch.

Police say the the 32-year-old victim noticed someone following him in a truck on his way home early Sunday morning around 1:20am. The man pulled over in the 1600 block of W. Republic and said Nava jumped out of his pickup and looked like he was coming to fight.

The victim began to drive away when shots rang out.

Police say he fired four to eight times but did not hit anything.

Sunday afternoon, Nava was located in a home in the 500 block of Saturn and is now facing multiple charges that could include aggravated assault and criminal discharge of a firearm.