Road Block

Salina City Manager Jason Gage joined in on the KSAL Morning News Tuesday and reiterated his call for Saline County to take a new path in solving a disagreement on maintenance over two roads that lead to the landfill.

“Lift the lawsuit on the issue and we will focus in on both the road annexation question and for the county’s benefit the funding of those roads to the landfill, both of them.” Gage said.

Over the past six years the City of Salina and Saline County have been unable to reach an agreement on upkeep for portions of Water Well Road and Burma Road as main arteries to the city owned land fill.

The lawsuit attempts to bring a common understanding to a state statute and activate the city to annex portions of the county roads that abut the city limits.

Gage contends the legal wrangling is a waste of taxpayers money and is being used as leverage.

“It’s not a friendly lawsuit and should never be characterized that way,” he said.