Ribbon Cutting, Petition At Salina Starbucks

The new Salina Starbucks celebrated its grand opening Friday morning with a ribbon cutting.

The coffee shop in Salina, which actually has been open for two weeks, offers Starbucks coffee and pastries. Officials say so for the response from the public has been better than expected.

The Salina Starbucks is participating in the company’s nationwide petition effort calling for an end to the partial government shutdown.

Starbucks is asking customers and businesses to sign a petition calling for an end to the shutdown that has forced hundreds of thousands of federal workers off the job.

The petition, which is available at the Salina location on South 9th Street, calls for reopening the government, paying debts on time and passing a long-term budget deal by the end of the year. In addition to Starbucks customers, the company is trying to get the CEOs of the nation’s largest companies to sign.