Retailers Scare Up Big Halloween Money

The National Retail Federation says Halloween spending is at a record high this year, and it’s mostly because millennials want to dress up, go to parties, and participate in other festivities.

Ana Smith with the National Retail Federation says Americans will be spending the most money on costumes this year. She says they’re seeing an estimated spend of three-point-one-billion-dollars on costumes this year. Smith says candy and decorations are next on the list of what Americans will be buying for the holiday.

For the first time ever, action superheros are more popular Halloween costumes than princesses.

Smith says three-million children are expected to dress up as their favorite action or super hero, and two-point-nine million will be princesses. Adults over the age of 35 are planning to dress as pirates, witches, or political figures. Most millennials plan to dress as Batman, a witch, or animals.