Residents Begin Receiving RNR Notices

RNR (Revenue Neutral Rate) Notices have started arriving in Saline County residents’ mailboxes.

According to Saline County, RNR Notices are mailed out to citizens each August to provide residents with information on specific property values and taxes, as well as notification of the dates, times, and locations for upcoming public hearings for taxing subdivisions that plan to exceed the RNR. Every taxing entity with a budget of over $199 has a yearly hearing; however, only those who plan to exceed the RNR will have the time and date of their hearing listed on the notice.

“The revenue neutral rate is the tax rate for next year that would give the taxing entity the same dollar amount of property tax revenue that was collected this year without adjusting for inflation,” explained Jamie Doss, Saline County Clerk. “Since property valuations usually go up each year, the RNR tends to be lower each year.”

While the County Clerk receives information on how much each jurisdiction plans to levy, Saline County cannot speak to why they have made that decision. Please direct any questions about an individual jurisdiction’s budget to their offices.

Saline County is one of the entities preparing to exceed the RNR. For the County Commission, this decision is driven by inflationary increases in supplies and the desire to maintain competitive salaries in the current hiring environment.

The County’s hearing will occur on August 23. You can access detailed budget information at the link below.

Saline County Budget