Rep. Claeys: Special Session Coming

“We’re not going to allow the schools to close, that’s not going to happen,” said Salina Representative J. R. Claeys during the KSAL Morning News on Monday.

Claeys stopped in Monday to address what scenarios may play out as Kansans wait to see if legislators will reconvene before June 30th.

The last day of this month has been marked by the state’s Supreme Court as a deadline for senators and representatives to come up with a plan that satisfies funding for poorer districts.

Claeys predicted a special session would begin on June 27th – providing a true pressure point for legislators to hammer out a plan.

“We’re going to do what is necessary. There will be a special session to deal with this and we will take care of business and get this done,” he said.

The impasse stems from the Kansas Supreme Court’s ruling to allocate more aid to some poorer districts or face a shutdown of public schools on July 1st.

“This isn’t about dumping more money into schools. This is really about equity and the LOB,” he said.

Claeys added that legislators can call a special session if two-thirds of them sign petitions demanding one.

“We will craft an answer – and we will have that answer for the Supreme Court prior to the deadline.”