Remembering Salina’s First Arson K-9

The Salina Fire Department’s first Arson K-9 has passed away.

Ashes, teamed with Fire Marshal Troy Long, started with the agency in 2009 as an Arson K-9 and Accelerant Detective.  She passed away on Wednesday.

During her tenure with the Salina Fire Department Ashes was part of 51 call outs. She was directly associated with 11 arrests and 8 convictions. During her career 44 evidence samples she detected were submitted to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation lab, and 43 of them came back positive.

During the 8-year-career of Ashes the arson rate in Salina went down 22 percent. The agency believes at least some of that can be attributed to Ashes.

Ashes never called in sick, never missed a day of work, and never asked for any time off during her 8 years with the department. She was loved by everyone she worked with, and a favorite among those who visited the fire department.

Ashes retired from duty in 2017.

Following the retirement of Ashes the agency acquired a another K-9 named Hoke who performs similar duties as Ashes, and also is trained to help in search and rescue.


Troy Long and Ashes. Salina Fire Department photos.