Regular Firearm Deer Season to Begin

The Regular Firearms Deer Season opens this week, on Wednesday.

According to the Kansas Wildlife and Parks, regular rifle season runs December 1st through Sunday, December 12th.

The agency reminds that anyone hunting deer or Elk, or assisting someone hunting deer or Elk during an open firearms deer season, is required to wear a bright orange colored (commonly referred to as daylight fluorescent orange, hunter orange, blaze orange, or safety orange) hat or other bright orange colored garment upon the head, and at least 200 square inches of bright orange colored garments on their torso (100 square inches on the front of the torso and is visible from the front and 100 square inches that is on the rear of the torso and is visible from the rear). This is required no matter what equipment is being used to hunt deer or Elk (including archery equipment).

They suggest if you are hunting from a concealment blind to display some bright orange on the outside of the blind as well.