Radio Stations Collect $5,000 to Help Hurricane Victims

Thanks to the generosity of people from around the Salina area, the Rocking M Media group of radio stations collected $5,000 on Tuesday to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. The radio station group, which includes News Radio 1150 KSAL, Y 93.7, FM 104.9, 95.5 The Rock. The New Zoo 92.7, and Real Country 101.7, teamed up with the Salina Salvation Army and Chic-fil-A in the effort.

Radio Personality Hannah Holt went up on the roof of Chic-fil-A early in the morning, vowing not to come down until $2,000 was collected. By mid-day, thanks to an overwhelming response from listeners opening up their hearts and their wallets, the $2,000 goal was met. Everyone then agreed to stick around in an effort to more than double the original goal, and instead collect $5,000. By 6:00 in the evening, thanks in part to a $300 matching donation from Chic-fil-A, the $5,000 goal was achieved.

Chic-fil-A owner Shawn Hubbard told KSAL News that he wasn’t surprised that more than double the original goal was collected. “I know the generosity of this community, and this area,” he said.

All of the money will go to the Salina Salvation Army, who will put it to use in Texas to directly help those who are in need as they rebuild their lives.

Captain Lynn Lopez told KSAL News that the need in Texas is still great, and that her agency has volunteers who are still everyday going out into the flood waters and helping those in need.

The radio stations chose to collect money, because that is how to make the most meaningful impact to those people in need.

The Kansas Division of Emergency Management says that donations of things like bottled water are not the best way to help the hurricane victims in Texas. Instead, they urge Kansans who wish to help to donate money to a reputable volunteer, charitable or faith-based organization rather than sending food, clothing or other goods.

Donating money allows human services agencies to purchase exactly what is needed when it is needed and does not waste resources. It also puts money back into the local economy, helping local businesses recover faster.

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