Project Salina Effort Underway

Details were unveiled over a week ago and collection officially begins this week. Project Salina, an annual effort to feed the hungry, is underway.

Project Salina unites multiple businesses and organizations in an effort to collect food for five agencies that serve meals, or distribute food, throughout the year. Food will be collected throughout the month of May.

There is some momentum going into the official start of the food gathering effort. Prior to May 1st , USD 305 had already collected thousands of boxes of macaroni and cheese and the Meridian Media group of radio stations hosted a Cruisn’ for a Cause event to collect food.

This year marks the 33rd year of the effort. Project Salina began back in 1990. It started as an idea to help agencies that provide food when their need is the greatest, in the summer months. The agencies typically see a lot of donations during the holidays, but by the summer months their shelves are getting bare.

In that first year, 23 organizations gathered 56,465 food items for three local agencies. The effort has grown over the years.

This year the need is even greater, and the goal even loftier. The goal is to collect over 300,000 food items for the five agencies that feed Salina’s hungry. The agencies include:

  • Ashby House
  • Salina Rescue Mission
  • Salina Emergency Aid Food Bank
  • Salina Salvation Army
  • Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas.

Project Salina provides about 40% of the annual food needs for the organizations.

Salina Meridian Media Radio Stations will be gathering cereal, both cold and hot, as part of the Project Salina effort. Several events are planned, including collection efforts at Salina grocery stores and another “Cruisin’ for a Cause” event.