Prisoner Steals Highway Patrol Vehicle Vehicle

A handcuffed prisoner stole a Kansas Highway Patrol vehicle and led law enforcement on a high speed pursuit.

According to the KHP , a trooper was transporting 23-year-old Joshua Swartwout from Naples, Florida, to a Northwest Kansas  detention facility early Saturday afternoon.. While enroute with the prisoner the trooper witnessed a motorcycle crash near Atwood on Highway K-25. The trooper stopped, and while he was out helping the crash victim, the prisoner gained control of the trooper’s vehicle and drove off while still being handcuffed behind his back.

A high-speed chase traveled along Highway K-25 before exiting on Interstate 70 and heading west.

The chase ended on I 70 in Sherman County near the community of Edson when the KHP vehicle ran out of fuel. The prisoner ,who was still handcuffed, then fled on foot before he was caught.

There were no injuries during this incident, and the KHP vehicle was not damaged.