Presentation on Sanctuary Project Planned

The uniqueness of a Salina area nature sanctuary, and changes taking place at it, will be the focus of a presentation in Salina.

The Smoky Hills Audubon organization will present two speakers for the group’s September program. The uniqueness of the sanctuary and changes currently taking place will be the focus.

According to Smoky Hills Audubon Society, they have enlisted the help of wildlife biologist Pat Riese and fisheries expert Travis Riley for professional management of the Sanctuary. The two have teamed up to advise the board on management of the sanctuary.

Wildlife biologist Pat Riese will discuss the needs, challenges, and opportunities related to wildlife habitat management.

Fisheries expert Travis Riley will cover fisheries management of the pond through the use of fish population sampling.

Both have acknowledged the complexity of the management of the Sanctuary. The initial goal was to restore the natural prairie.

Past leaders of the Smoky Hills Audubon Society have repeatedly faced the complexity of restoring what once was, with what exists now. Similar to putting toothpaste back in the tube, some things cannot be easily undone. Native habitats and wildlife species can still be managed for and maintained successfully, but it requires more expertise – rather than good intentions.

The public is welcome to the presentation, which will be this Thursday, September 21st, in room 229 in Kansas Wesleyan’s Peters Science Hall. You may come early and meet the speakers at 7:00 with the program beginning at 7:30.


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Photos via Smoky Hills Audubon Society