Project Salina Launches Thursday

Salina’s annual largest organized effort to feed the hungry is set to begin. Project Salina will kick off their 2022 campaign on this week on Thursday.

According to the organization, Project Salina is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It benefits five agencies in Salina that include:

  • Ashby House
  • Salina Rescue Mission
  • Salina Emergency Aid Food Bank
  • Salina Salvation Army
  • Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas.

Each agency provides a list of food items that are needed. Project Salina donations help the five agencies keep their shelves full when donations are not coming in as needed. Nearly 200 businesses routinely participate in Project Salina.

Project Salina started in 1990 when founding members Jack Parr and Jane Kramer observed that agencies in Salina which feed people in need were running out of food by summertime. These agencies would receive donations during Christmastime and run out of food by June. Summer is the time of greatest need when school is out of session and school-aged children begin turning to these agencies for three meals a day. Parr and Kramer decided to start Project Salina with the purpose of collecting food every May and delivering donations to these agencies through the summer.

If you would like to donate to Project Salina, send a check (made out to Project Salina) to Project Salina, PO Box 2861, Salina KS 67402-2861.

If your business would like to participate in Project Salina, send an email to [email protected] to get started.

Project Salina is on Facebook and Twitter and online at
The kickoff event on Thursday will be at 11:00 a.m. at the Sunrise Presbyterian Church, 825 E. Beloit- Roach & Beloit with a lunch and informational presentation for the businesses that are planning to participate in Project Salina.